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Journaliste en formation
Paris, France

Journaliste en formation, partagée entre l'IPJ Dauphine et France 3 Alpes (Grenoble). Blogueuse sur Mondoblog (RFI). Un œil sur la Lituanie depuis mon année Erasmus à Vilnius et un stage à Delfi (premier site d'information en Lituanie)


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Startups in Baltics: ecosystem reached breaking point and will continue growing


The Baltic States are getting increasingly attractive for startups to establish. The pandemic challenged it; yet many startups survived, proving the strength of the regional ecosystem.
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French correspondent in Baltics: sometimes, Lithuania is the country where you first set foot in EU


Marielle Vitureau works as a foreign correspondent for French media, mainly Radio France internationale and Courrier international. She has been living intermittently in Lithuania for more than two decades and will return to Vilnius this summer.
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How tourism will look like in Lithuania this summer


“It is neither easy to forecast the tourism growth this year nor how it will be during this summer season because it relies a lot on the pandemic situation,” points out Eglė Ližaitytė, Managing director of Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association (LVRA).
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Midsummer in Lithuania: what the upcoming Joninės will be like


Joninės, or Rasos, is the midsummer festival celebrated in Lithuania. This year it will take place on the 24th of June. Although being related to the Christian celebration of Saint Jonas, it originates from old pagan traditions.
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Facing pandemic: fall in exchange students and introduction of new practices


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Lithuanian universities continue to welcome foreign students. However, they notices a 30% to 40% decline in the coming exchange students. Most of the courses shifted to online, bringing challenge but also introducing good practices.
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French companies show interest to find Lithuanian partners


Whether in goods or services, trade between France and Lithuania continues to grow – and strengthened even more after the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. Moreover, French companies enjoy a favorable environment to develop in Lithuania.
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Ambassador of France to Lithuania: there is much to be learned from both sides


Claire Lignières-Counathe is the Ambassador of France to Lithuania. In this interview, she discusses various topics: from the visit of the French President Emmanuel Macron last September to the successful Lithuanian startup Vinted and the impact of Covid-19 on the Institut Français.
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Lithuanian-born singer from France GiedRé: at some point, you have to come back to granny's piano


Giedrė Barauskaitė, known by the stage name GiedRé, describes herself as writing funny songs about not-so-funny things.
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Former students on life in Vilnius: we were advised not to smile randomly in the streets


Aurora Lovato, Charlotte Sebire, and Natalie Rubin come from three different countries: respectively Italy, France, and Germany. Nevertheless, they share a common point: they all studied one Erasmus semester at Vilnius University before the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Illegal parties horror public: students gets police attention in Vilnius


On the 9th of April, an illegal party was detected in Vilnius. The police identified 89 participants; most of them were Erasmus students. Two months before the event, on February 10, another party gathered 32 students from foreign countries, especially Western-European ones.