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Kimberley Zambrano Lestieux

Paris, France

Diplômée d'une école reconnue, je suis curieuse, force de proposition et polyglotte. Mes expériences m'ont permis de développer des compétences rédactionnelles, de très bonnes connaissances en tournage et en montage. Je peux travailler en équipe et sous pression, tout en gardant un esprit critique.


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Université Paris 8 Université Paris 8
Ecole de journalisme de Cannes Ecole de journalisme de Cannes

Loi immigration : Décrypter le vrai du faux


Une nouvelle loi sur l’immigration est en cours d’examen au Parlement. On entend tout et son contraire sur ce sujet. Phosphore t’aide à y voir clair. (Illustration : © Al' Mata ; Rédigé par Lauriane Clément et Kimberley Lestieux Numéro du 1er décembre 2023, Phosphore)


US spots second Chinese ‘spy balloon’ over Latin America as Blinken scraps Beijing trip • FRANCE 24


A Chinese spy balloon has been spotted over Latin America, the Pentagon said Friday, a day after a similar craft was seen in US skies, prompting the scrapping of a rare trip to Beijing by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.


The consequences the pension reform will have on French women • FRANCE 24 English


France is bracing for major transport blockages, with mass strikes and protests set to hit the country for the second time in a month in objection to a planned reform to raise the retirement age. FRANCE 2 and Kimberley Lestieux tell us more about how mowen will be impacted by pension reform.


Peru says army, police to clear protester roadblocks • FRANCE 24 English


The Peruvian government said police and soldiers would soon move to dismantle roadblocks on the nation's highways erected by protesters who have demanded for weeks the resignation of President Dina Boluarte.


Suicide bomber targets police in Pakistan mosque attack, dozens killed • FRANCE 24 English


A suicide bomber struck a crowded mosque inside a police compound in Pakistan on Monday, causing the roof to collapse and killing at least 59 people and wounding more than 150 others, most of them police officers, officials said. FRANCE 24's Kimberley Lestieux tells us more.


Europe's JUICE probe to head to Jupiter in search of signs of life • FRANCE 24 English


The European Space Agency has unveiled its latest probe, JUICE, which is set to explore Jupiter and three of its moons, where it will examine potential habitable zones under their icy crusts and, perhaps, establish whether or not they may contain life.


'Galette des Rois': Traditional French holiday pastry faces inflation pressure • FRANCE 24 English


The French eat it each year and bakers sell over 30 million just during the month of January. It's the famous "galette des rois", which has also fallen victim to the country's inflation.


'Democracy now': Israelis protest Netanyahu's new right-wing government • FRANCE 24 English


Thousands of Israelis protested on Saturday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government, regarded as the most right-wing in Israeli history, an AFP correspondent said.


Residents in Ukraine are slowly returning home after Russia retreats • FRANCE 24 English


Days after Ukrainian troops entered the city -- the Kherson region's administrative centre -- after Russia pulled back its forces on Friday, residents of other towns and cities in Ukraine are slowly returning home after Moscow's retreat. FRANCE 2's team and FRANCE 24's Kimberley Lestieux report.


At least nine people killed in Uganda mall stampede • FRANCE 24 English


The new year got off to a tragic start in Uganda. During celebrations in the capital of Kampala, nine people - mostly children and young adults, were killed in a stampede at a shopping mall. Kimberley Lestieux has the details.


An historic third term for the left-wing leader Lula • FRANCE 24 English


With a vow to rebuild and reunify Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn into office on Sunday. It marks the start of a historic third term for the left-wing leader. Lula vowed a drastic change of course to rescue Brazil from hunger, poverty and racism. Kimberley Lestieux tells us more.


China covid policy u-turn: Beijing to scrap quarantine for incoming passengers • FRANCE 24 English


China has announced that a COVID-19 quarantine requirement for travelers arriving from abroad will be dropped as of January 8th. [...] That has led to skyrocketing infection rates, with both hospitals and crematoriums overwhelmed. Kimberley Lestieux tells us more.


Se inauguran los Juegos Bolivarianos de Valledupar 2022 con medallas de oro para el ciclismo


Se enciende el fuego bolivariano con actividad en las pruebas de contrarreloj de ciclismo en ruta y también con la esgrima. La ciudad de Valledupar, al norte de Colombia, recibe estas justas en donde los anfitriones parten como grandes favoritos a dominar la competencia.


Informe de Luis Méndez, enviado especial de France 24, sobre la jornada en los Juegos Bolivarianos


El ciclo olímpico se inició para América en Valledupar, Colombia, con la disputa de los Juegos Bolivarianos. France 24 realiza la cobertura de una jornada en la que Colombia se ha desprendido en la cima del medallero, con su enviado especial Luis Méndez


Avanzan los Juegos Bolivarianos 2022


Con baloncesto, tenis y sóftbol femenino avanzan los Juegos Bolivarianos 2022 ➡️ 🎙 Informa desde Valledupar nuestro enviado...


Cobertura especial Copa América femenina


⚽👩 El fútbol femenino está de fiesta con la Copa América Femenina, uno de los torneos más disputados en los últimos años.


Informe desde Bogotá: más de 38 millones de colombianos están habilitados para votar


Este domingo el pueblo colombiano someterá a votación el rumbo que tomará la nación los próximos años, cuando concurran a las urnas para la segunda vuelta de...

France 2

Italie : les poubelles débordent à Rome


La capitale de l'Italie connue pour son décor de carte postale est au cœur d'un phénomène inédit. Rome ne sait plus où mettre ses déchets. Retrouver toutes les infos sur la vidéo sur :