Victor Goury-Laffont

Journaliste indépendant / Étudiant à l'IJBA
Bordeaux, France

Journaliste bilingue, étudiant à l'IJBA. Passé chez Tsugi, Sud Ouest et Tracks on Field.


Sud Ouest
Tracks on Field


Tracks on Field

Field Picks: NOMVDSLVND - More Harm Than Good Part 1: Here For Now


On our new Field Picks feature, we take a look at old and new records from around here that you might have missed - and we help you fix that.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks: Carter Fox


Carter Fox isn't exactly new to the music world - his first record Suburbia dropped in 2009. Ten years later, Fox is still hard at work, recently releasing a record with Toronto-based label Biblioteka Records.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks: DAHLIA


It's hard - if not impossible - to sum up singer-songwriter Dahlia in a few sentences. Currently based in Toronto, Dahlia was raised in a formerly Portugese part of India while travelling to Dubai often.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks : Partner


This week on the Field blog, we interview Partner, a rockin' duo whose SOCAN and Polaris-prize approved In Search of Lost Time is now on the Field platform.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks : Will Jarvis


Once in a while, the internet delivers something really special - someone close by, who you may not have had the chance to encounter otherwise, and yet whose work profoundly touches you. It's the kind of 'connection' loudly bolstered by marketing campaigns, and yet largely absent from our realities.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks: 1five1


Not so long ago, she was just another producer making tracks on her computer. Nowadays, Sandra – aka 1five1 – is an up and coming Toronto artist from the Bedroomer roster, with one acclaimed EP under her belt. We spoke with her about production and local support.

Tracks on Field

Field Talks: Hesk


In the shadows of major electronic music genres, the footwork scene lives on through the internet and local events. We spoke with Hesk, one of its most significant Ontarian flag-bearers. A quick conversation about producing in a small scene, promotion in the music industry and what’s to come.


Précarité d'aujourd'hui, peur de demain


Témoignages d'étudiants avant la première manifestation contre la réforme des retraites.

Sud Ouest

Marionnettes à taille humaine au théâtre


La compagnie Dirtz Theatre propose, trois soirs de suite, deux pièces qui lient danse et marionnettes. « Le but n’est pas de dire quelque chose, mais de provoquer une émotion. »


2019 : l’année du synthétiseur modulaire ?


Les synthés modulaires connaissent depuis plusieurs années une hausse fulgurante de popularité. Quelles perspectives pour 2019 ?