Emma Albright

Paris, France

Diplômée en journalisme avec une expérience dans la communication, réseaux sociaux, création de vidéos, écriture de presse, reportage. Bilingue français/anglais.


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Report: Deal Close For 10-15 Hostages In Exchange For Brief Ceasefire – Mideast War, Day 33


Qatar is leading negotiations for one to two day humanitarian truce in exchange for the release of up to 15 hostages held by Hamas.


Warnings And Praise — 6 Key Takeaways From Hezbollah Chief’s Fiery Speech: Mideast War, Day 28


Here are six key points from Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah's long awaited speech, including a threat to Israel that it was a "realistic possibility" that the war along the Lebanese border is about to escalate.


Cannes v. Paris 2024: On The Difference Between Banning Russian Athletes Or Artists


PARIS — Before the Cannes Film Festival started last May, festival officials said that, in light of the war in Ukraine, Russian delegations and anyone associated with the government were not welcome.


Masks And Me: Take This Pandemic Story At Face Value


Even if COVID cases are rising again, the author isn't ready to mask up again. But she's also not quite ready to say goodbye forever...

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TikTok resumes: Gen Z's innovative approach to job hunting | Welcome to the Jungle


Sure, you could stick to fun dances, get-ready-with-mes, and mini vlogs on TikTok, but you could also use it to stand out in the job market ...

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Guiding Pride: the transformative power of LGBTQ+ mentorship | Welcome to the Jungle


Pride Month 2023 is here and we’re diving into the importance of mentorship for LGBTQ+ communities on the job hunt!

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Practically perfect: mastering the interview with essential questions | Welcome to the Jungle


From working hours to hybrid work policies, asking practical questions about day-to-life at a company can provide valuable insights.