Manuel Ausloos-Lalanda

Multimedia Journalist
Paris, France

Staff Producer and VJ with Reuters TV Paris, I focus on French news resonating internationally with a special interest for stories about the environment, current social issues and history. I have freelanced in the past for CNN International, TF1, France 24 and Loopsider among others.


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War is 'just a job' for Ukraine frontline soldiers


After months in trenches near Ukraine's southeastern frontlines, Artem and fellow soldiers are waiting the launch of a major counteroffensive that they hope will shift the momentum of a war that has slowed into a battle of attrition. Trench footage shot, produced and partly edited for Reuters TV.


Ukrainian soldiers fire howitzer at Russian infantry near Bakhmut, say more Western weapons needed


Ukrainian soldiers fire a Soviet-made D-30 howitzer at Russian infantry near Bakhmut, as fighting rages on in the devastated eastern city. Kyiv is pressing allies for more weapons that it hopes will enable it to launch a major counteroffensive. Shot and edited for Reuters TV (uppick by Kanal 13).


Ukraine clings to Bakhmut as Russia pounds front lines


Russian forces pounded frontline cities in eastern Ukraine with air strikes and artillery, while medical volunteers loaded wounded soldiers into a bus converted into an ambulance to bring them to a military hospital in the city of Dnipro. Medical evacuation footage shot and edited for Reuters TV.


French lake dries up due to winter drought


Lake Montbel in French Pyrenees is known for its turquoise waters, massive size and thriving aquatic life but the postcard landscape has in large part been replaced by a muddy wasteland, as exceptionally low rainfall keeps the lake from filling up. Produced and shot (including drone) for Reuters TV.


Anti-pension bill protesters burn Macron effigy in Paris


Protesters opposing Macron's plan to push through pension changes without a parliamentary vote throw a cut-out of the president on a fire while demanding his resignation. Shot for Reuters TV.


Meet the mourners queuing for miles to see the Queen's coffin


Mourners who saw the coffin of Queen Elizabeth lying in state described the experience as emotional, while others said they wanted to pay respects in person. Shot and edited by Manuel Ausloos.


Why people bring Paddington Bears for the Queen?


Among the thousands of floral tributes left at Buckingham Palace and its neighboring parks, mourners are also leaving Paddington Bear toys and marmalade sandwiches, despite being told not to. Shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Riverside booksellers welcome tourists back to Paris


Tourists are back in the French capital, and for the riverside booksellers - known as "bouquinistes" in France - it's quelled fears that the health crisis might endanger a business that dates back to the 16th century. Produced, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Firefighters from across Europe fight French wildfires


Firefighters from across Europe came to France's rescue to battle a massive wildfire, as successive heatwaves renewed the focus on climate change risks. Produced and shot for Reuters TV.


Heatwave in Paris exposes city's lack of trees


According to World Cities Culture Forum, only 10% of Paris is made up of green space. Heatwaves in recent months underline the need to strengthen the capital's natural defenses against searing temperatures. Produced for Reuters TV.


Voting for Macron is a bitter pill to swallow for some French Muslims


With rising Islamophobia in France, some of the country's Muslims are struggling with who to vote for in the presidential election runoff. They say a vote for Macron will be one to counter the far-right. Produced, shot and edited with text reporter Juliette Jabkhiro for Reuters TV.


Migrants push past outnumbered French police to make perilous Channel crossing


In the early hours of Thursday (December 16, 2021) on a beach in northern France, a small group of police with torches tries to stand in the way of dozens of migrants heading for the sea carrying a grey dinghy. Shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Gun accidents prompt calls for French hunting curbs


A string of gun accidents by wildlife hunters, some fatal, in France have led to calls for restrictions on hunting, a sport that many in the country’s rural heartlands view as a way of life. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Gadget helps visually impaired dodge obstacles


An electronic device, developed by a French company, uses sensors to spot an obstacle in the path of visually impaired people and gives them the information they need to go around it. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Step inside this World War Two bunker guesthouse


A bunker built by German troops in northern France during World War Two has been given an unlikely new lease of life as an underground guesthouse, welcoming history buffs and visitors after remaining buried for years. Shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Beekeeper invents trap to tackle Asian hornets


After he lost 35 hives to the Asian hornet, a traumatized French beekeeper knew he had to save his bees. He came up with a trap that stops the invasive species, but does no harm to bees or native hornets. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Meet the 83-year-old who 'visited every country'


‘Hello, my name is Andre Brugiroux. I am from France, I am 83. I have realized my dream to visit all countries and territories of the world.’ Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


France's Muslim girls say #HandsOffMyHijab


A proposed hijab ban for minors in public spaces in France has drawn outrage and prompted an online protest under the viral hashtag #PasToucheAMonHijab​. Pitched, produced and in part shot for Reuters TV.

CNN International

Jordan's crown prince canceled Israel trip over security


“You create conditions that made this religious visit on a holy occasion impossible, and then you expect to come to Jordan and fly out of Jordan-let's be serious here.” Jordanian FM Ayman Safadi on Israel blaming Jordan for PM’s cancelled UAE trip. Shot in Paris for CNN International.


COVID forces students to turn to food aid in Paris


The biting cold did not deter hundreds of Parisian students to line up on Thursday outside a distribution center to receive food aid, as many have said they have trouble finding nourishment during the COVID-19 crisis. Re-edited and voiced by Emer McCarthy.

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Mireille Mathieu chante Noël


Les artistes et les chorales ne peuvent pas travailler cette année à cause du coronavirus. Pourtant, Mireille Mathieu a accepté de nous faire un joli cadeau en chantant Noël.

CNN International

Fires at Greece's Moria camp leave thousands without shelter - CNN Video


After fires destroyed Europe's largest migrant camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos, an estimated 13,000 people have been left without shelter. Dozens of families who lived in the camp have found refuge a nearby cemetery. Shot and edited for CNN/CNN International.

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Julien Sebbag, un jeune chef rock and roll


Il est passé d'école de commerce à l'art de la restauration. Découvrez le portrait du jeune chef cuisinier Julien Sebbag. Ecrit et commenté (+ plans GoPro/Osmo) par Manuel Ausloos.

JT de 13H

Le portrait d'un chef en liberté : Mauro Colagreco


Arrivé d'Argentine il y a 20 ans, Mauro Colagreco est considéré comme l'un des meilleurs cuisiniers du monde. Outre la cuisine, il pratique également la pêche en grand amateur. Tourné par Manuel Ausloos.


Survivor recounts the horror of Syrian torture prisons


Omar Alshogre spent 3 years in Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s prisons. He was tortured daily and witnessed countless murders. Here is his story. Interview, editing, reporting and research by Manuel Ausloos.


What does “defunding the police“ mean?


What does “defunding the police“ actually mean, and why are people calling for it across the US? Reporting, editing and research by Manuel Ausloos.


Space pollution - it's a problem


NASA and SpaceX will soon be launching American astronauts into space. But astronauts aren’t the only thing being sent up there. Now, space pollution is becoming a real problem. Reporting, editing and research by Manuel Ausloos.


'French Spider-Man' scales Total tower in support of pension strikes


Alain Robert, the free climber dubbed the “French Spider-Man”, scaled the Tour Total, a 48-storey skyscraper in Paris, to demonstrate support for the strike against President Macron’s pension reform plans. Footage of climb and part of protest footage by Manuel Ausloos. Bought by 239 channels.


No Christmas mass at Notre-Dame cathedral for first time in over 200 years


For the first time in over 200 years there will be no Christmas mass held at Paris' Notre-Dame cathedral after a massive fire earlier in the year caused major damage. Footage of cathedral under renovation (Dec. 23, 2019) by Manuel Ausloos


En France, le lucratif trafic des chiots d'Europe de l'Est


Chaque année, des milliers de chiots élevés en Pologne ou en Hongrie sont vendus illégalement à l'Ouest. Un commerce qui rapporte gros, au détriment des animaux et de leurs maîtres.

JT de 20H

Une rencontre de haut vol avec deux femmes d'exception


Aude et Bénédicte sont les seules femmes membres de l'équipe de France de voltige aérienne. Ces deux personnes d'exception ont su s'imposer dans cet univers d'hommes à travers leur bravoure. Filmé par Manuel Ausloos.

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Découvrir Paris... Sans les Parisiens !


Le Marais, place de la Bastille, marché, cinéma, métro... Les rues de Paris sont désertes. Les activités sont réduites au minimum en ce mois d'août. Filmé par Manuel Ausloos.

CNN International
Global Public Square (GPS...

Mike Pompeo's role in the Ukraine Scandal


Former Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon tells Fareed Zakaria that Pompeo is "one of the most partisan" leaders in the State Department's history. Live guest filmed in Paris for CNN's GPS show. Lighting (Varsa lights) and video in Paris by Manuel Ausloos.

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Sergei, du Donbass aux Gilets jaunes


Sergei Munier était encore récemment membre du service d'ordre des Gilets jaunes. Auparavant, il faisait la guerre dans l'Est de l'Ukraine, avec les séparatistes pro-russes. Voici son histoire. Sergei, du Donbass aux Gilets jaunes, c'est un reportage de Marion Lefèvre et Manuel Ausloos-Lalanda.

AFP - Agence France Presse

Démantèlement partiel de la maison de l'ex-espion Sergueï Skripal


Des travaux de démantèlement de la maison de l'ex-agent double russe Sergueï Skripal, victime d'une tentative d'empoisonnement, ont démarré. Dépêche écrite pour l'AFP Londres, lors d'un stage en janvier 2019.

AFP - Agence France Presse

De l'ivoire de mammouth découvert au Cambodge


Une équipe de chercheurs écossais a découvert de l'ivoire de mammouth laineux dans des objets en ivoire d'éléphants asiatiques et africains provenant du Cambodge, a annoncé vendredi la Société zoologique royale écossaise (RZSS). Dépêche écrite pour l'AFP Londres, lors d'un stage en janvier 2019.

Le Monde

Le gang des Hells Angels prospère au Canada


L’organisation criminelle de motards a montré sa vitalité en rassemblant des centaines de membres au Québec, où il contrôle le trafic de stupéfiants.

Le Monde

Activiste ou utilisateur « lambda » : de plus en plus d’internautes finissent en prison en Russie


Le nombre de poursuites, même quand il s’agit de relayer un contenu ou de liker, progressent et les contrôles du Web se renforcent.


French nudists celebrate first Day of Naturism in Paris


Doing yoga, picnicking and strolling in the woods in the nude is all possible at a Paris park. Elly Park reports. Footage and interviews by Manuel Ausloos.


As numbers fall, Paris seeks UNESCO help for classic bistros


It might seem like there are two on every corner in Paris, but old-style bistros and street cafes are dying out to such an extent that a movement has started to try to protect them. Footage and interviews by Manuel Ausloos.


La guerre du Canada contre Daech


Justin Trudeau veut projeter l’image d’un Canada axé sur le rétablissement de la paix plutôt que sur le combat. Recherche et présentation par Manuel Ausloos.