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Les réalisations des talents de Reuters


Gadget helps visually impaired dodge obstacles


An electronic device, developed by a French company, uses sensors to spot an obstacle in the path of visually impaired people and gives them the information they need to go around it. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV. Picked up by 90 channels.


Meet the 83-year-old who 'visited every country'


‘Hello, my name is Andre Brugiroux. I am from France, I am 83. I have realized my dream to visit all countries and territories of the world.’ Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV. Picked up by 90 channels.


Step inside this World War Two bunker guesthouse


A bunker built by German troops in northern France during World War Two has been given an unlikely new lease of life as an underground guesthouse, welcoming history buffs and visitors after remaining buried for years. Shot and edited for Reuters TV, picked up by 340 channels.


Beekeeper invents trap to tackle Asian hornets | Reuters Video


After he lost 35 hives to the Asian hornet, a traumatized French beekeeper knew he had to save his bees. He came up with a trap that stops the invasive species, but does no harm to bees or native hornets. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.

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