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Gun accidents prompt calls for French hunting curbs


A string of gun accidents by wildlife hunters, some fatal, in France have led to calls for restrictions on hunting, a sport that many in the country’s rural heartlands view as a way of life. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV.


Migrants push past outnumbered French police to make perilous Channel crossing


In the early hours of Thursday (December 16, 2021) on a beach in northern France, a small group of police with torches tries to stand in the way of dozens of migrants heading for the sea carrying a grey dinghy. Shot and edited for Reuters TV.


France's Muslim girls say #HandsOffMyHijab


A proposed hijab ban for minors in public spaces in France has drawn outrage and prompted an online protest under the viral hashtag #PasToucheAMonHijab​. Pitched, produced and in part shot for Reuters TV.


Parisians look back on second anniversary of Notre-Dame fire


As France marks the second anniversary of the Notre-Dame fire, Parisians who witnessed the event remembered the fear and anxiety of that day. Produced and shot by Manuel Ausloos. Ranked 26th Reuters video story by usage on the day of publication.

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