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Anger mounts for Paris nurse over long hours, low wages, lacking staff


During the peak of the coronavirus crisis parisian nurse, Justine, worked for a week in an intensive care service unit. Passionate about her job but angry about hospitals situation, she protests for better working conditions (JRI / reporter).


France's students rely on food handouts | Reuters Video


University student Chaimae Irfaq expected to supplement her allowance with part-time work while studying in Paris, but with businesses feeling the pinch from COVID-19 restrictions, she says there are fewer jobs going. Produced and filmed by Manuel Ausloos. Re-edited and voiced by Maha Albadrawi.


COVID forces students to turn to food aid in Paris


The biting cold did not deter hundreds of Parisian students to line up on Thursday outside a distribution center to receive food aid, as many have said they have trouble finding nourishment during the COVID-19 crisis. Re-edited and voiced by Emer McCarthy.


With a million COVID-19 tests a week, French labs feel the strain


[JRI] With more than a million COVID-19 tests being carried out a week in France, waiting times are long for patients in some places and labs are feeling the strain, with some workers going out on strike calling for better pay. Copyright: Reuters.

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