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'Ridiculous', travellers dismayed by UK quarantine measures for France


Travellers about to board a train from Paris to London on the day quarantine rules in Britain were due to lapse were upset on Monday by a last-minute decision to keep them, calling it "ridiculous," "cruel" and "incoherent."


Latest Paris attraction drives tourists into the Seine


It looks like a bus that has taken a wrong turning, speeding down a slipway into the River Seine, scattering swans and prompting screams from the passengers. But when the splash subsides, the bus floats serenely along the river. Video used by hundreds of clients worldwide.


French winemakers set candles and straw ablaze to save vines from frost


French winemakers have lit candles and burned bales of straw to try to protect their vineyards from sharp spring frosts, with the forecast of more cold nights this week raising fears of serious damage and lost production.


Gadget helps visually impaired dodge obstacles


An electronic device, developed by a French company, uses sensors to spot an obstacle in the path of visually impaired people and gives them the information they need to go around it. Pitched, shot and edited for Reuters TV. Picked up by 90 channels.

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